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Thursday, April 06, 2023 by sarah

Give the Gift of Life, Swim Lessons!

With the birth of our daughter, this Holiday Season my husband and I have been re-evaluating our Christmas Lists. Usually filled with items that can be worn and discarded the following year, we wondered if we were going to be sending the wrong message to our daughter about the value of things. Therefore, we decided to go a less traditional route and give less "items" and more things of value. One of those things this year will be swimming lessons.

Our daughter will be of age for the Diaper Dolphins class this Spring. We couldn't think of a more beneficial activity to start her off in than swimming. The skills she will learn in this class will create a foundation that will be built upon the rest of her life. Not only will she (and daddy) learn about water safety in the pool and at home, but they will have the invaluable opportunity to create a special bond during the classes.

As a parent I will gain peace of mind, knowing that my daughter is not only gaining knowledge of how to swim but she is learning a skill that could one day save her life. I know that as kindergarten and middle school roll around, she will never be embarrassed at a pool party because she cannot swim, I know that in high school and college during lake trips and Spring Break trips to the beach that she will make wise decisions regarding the water. I can even hope that one day she might continue through and obtain the Level 8 graduation medal and join the swim team!

So I am taking her gift certificate home today, ready to put in her stocking. My husband couldn't be more excited to be sharing this unique experience with our daughter.  We hope that you consider giving your children the opportunity to learn how to swim or to even improve their swimming skills. You never know when they will need the skill that could save their life.