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Thursday, April 06, 2023 by sarah

Safety Day through the Eyes of a Grown Up

Imagine yourself out at the lake with friends. You’re having a great time, enjoying a sandwich with a tall glass of water, dancing to the latest songs. You see the image? Great. You’re laughing and having a great time.  Then…BOOM. You slip on a loose plank and fall into the water.

What do you do?

Before my Safety Week lesson, I would have panicked, throwing my body around in the water and probably pulling myself further away from safety. After attending Safety Week, I would still be nervous but I am equipped with tools and strategies to help me remain calm and stay safe until I am either able to get to shore myself or wait until help arrives.

According to, drownings can happen in as little as 20-60 seconds. They are also the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide.

Emergencies don’t happen when we are ready and prepared. Emergencies happen when we least expect them. A water accident can occur in a matter of seconds, making it super important for both parents and kids to be hyper vigilant about what to do if an emergency strikes.

During Safety Week, I learned multiple safety strokes to keep me safe if I ever drifted into deeper water. I even learned how to inflate my jeans! How cool! I appreciate that Miller Swim School incorporates the safety aspect into their swimming program with seasonal Safety Weeks tailored to the real-life experiences that students could experience in real life.

Safety Week is something that you don’t want to miss!