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Thursday, April 06, 2023 by sarah

Why Traditional Swimming Lessons?

Let’s talk about the benefits of traditional swimming lessons here at Miller for a minute:

FOCUS: Child learns to control their breathing pattern above and below water, and learns water movement skills that translate into effective swim technique. Swimmers 4mo-2 years start with the assistance of instructor with all skills and eventually move to doing the skills on their own. 

1. TSL(traditional swim lessons) hold water safety awareness and the development of love/respect for swimming to the highest degree

2. Children can be swimming without assistance as early as 18mo

3. A progressive approach ensures that good skill habits are developed and maintained

4. Children learn to swim with proper technique and efficiency (don’t underestimate the importance of swimming efficiently! This can make the difference in having enough energy to get to safety or not)

5. Less likely to give parents a false sense of security for their children’s water safety and swimming abilities.

6. Emphasis on water safety and life-saving techniques in ALL types of water-related situations not just in a swimming pool. (Boating, Riptide, cold water and ice, cramping, distance, currents, unknown depths of water, canoeing, etc!)

7. Skills beyond floating and rowing, such as diving, breath control, gliding (saves energy!), safety stokes and more are taught in each and every class!

8. The curriculum goes above and beyond to equip swimmers for lifeguard training, water polo, and other aquatic activities

9. We focus on developing real skills as opposed to solely relying on contextual memory recall to stay safe.

10. Miller Swim School Lessons are TRIED and TRUE and will provide an experience that fosters Confidence, Skill, and a positive association with the water.

And remember, it’s important to always ensure a parent or guardian is there to actively supervise any aquatic activities. Pool gates, alarms, covers, locks, and hiring a lifeguard at your next pool party, are all a great way to add yet another layer of safety!