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Thursday, April 06, 2023 by sarah

Why Winter is One of the Best Times to Swim!

Swimming when its cold out seems counterintuitive, right? Wrong! The Winter months can be some of the best to keep up those swimming skills. (and its always more fun to do something when you’re “not supposed” to be doing it!

  1. Smaller Classes – As the holidays are near, many families start to travel which results in periodic absences from their regularly attended swim class. This means there will be smaller classes throughout the winter months! More one-one time to focus on specific skills, and more class openings for desirable lesson times! Plus, the winter months are shorter, which means tuition is pro-rated to a lesser amount (#savings!) and holidays are accounted for when booking classes.
  2. Keeps you Healthy – It’s Doctors orders! Exercise benefits every part of the body, including the mind. Exercising causes the body to make chemicals that can help a person to feel good. Exercise can help people sleep better. It can also help some people who have mild depression and low self-esteem. Moreover, aerobic exercise (the kind that keeps your heart pumping), is great for increasing lung capacity, strengthening muscles, and pushing blood flow through the body!
  3. Get a head start on Summer – Why wait until Summer to learn to swim when you can learn to swim now and be ready to enjoy the pool with your friends when it warms up!? Not to mention the added perk of water safety education. Being prepared for any situation before it even happens; ice, cold water, falling in the pool, swimming with a lifejacket, boating, and water rescue to name a few!

Tips for Swimming in the Cold Weather:

  1. Make sure little ones are dried off completely before you leave the facility. Our locker rooms and pool deck are kept extra warm in the winter so as to keep children as comfortable as possible when dressing before and after swim class
  2. While having wet hair won’t give you a cold, it IS important to wear a hat, along with other warm clothing for when you arrive and depart your swim lesson. We do have dryers in the locker rooms so you can dry little one’s hair prior to heading home!
  3. Come prepared. Don’t forget a warm fuzzy towel for each class. Rash Guards and Wetsuits can also help protect against a chill. The air in the pool area is warm, but the water is warmer, which can cause an initial shiver from children between turns! Recent studies have shown, that when small children wear rash guards, it sends the same neurological response as a baby being swaddled! This not only provides additional warmth and snugness but also can add an element of security and tranquility.

Moral of the story is when you spend some time in the water during the winter, you won’t regret it! And who knows, Santa might just bring a super cute suit and matching fuzzy hat to wear to and from swim class each week